The cardiovascular system is a general term for the heart and blood vessels. In 2012, the WHO highlighted that more than 30% of our population die because of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) (with the majority due to coronary heart disease and stroke). Since they remain a consistently increasing cause of death worldwide, scientists are prioritizing the identification and understanding of the mechanisms of cellular and molecular basics related to CVDs. Discover the latest literature, news, and library posters to support your cardiovascular research.


Recombinant Protein Cat no.
Beta NGF HZ-1222
BMP-4 HZ-1045
FGF-4 HZ-1218
FGF-7 (KGF) HZ-1100
FGF basic TS HZ-1285
G-CSF HZ-1207
GDNF HZ-1311
IFN-gamma HZ-1301
pro IGF-2 HZ-1161
IL-1 beta  HZ-1164
IL-17A HZ-1113
IL-17F HZ-1116
IL-6 HZ-1019
LEFTY 1 HZ-1109
OSM HZ-1030
PDGFaa HZ-1215
PDGFbb HZ-1308
Thrombin (coagulation factor II) HZ-3010
TGF-beta 1 HZ-1011
TGF-beta 3 HZ-1090
TNF-alpha HZ-1014
VEGF-121 HZ-1204
VEGF-165 HZ-1308

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