Affinity beads for immunoprecipitation

ChromoTek Nano-Traps are the benchmark in immunoprecipitation (IP) and allow fast and reliable one-step pulldowns of even low expressed proteins. They consist of Nanobodies coupled to beads and are ready-to-use.


  • No heavy & light antibody chains
  • Stringent washing conditions
  • Low host cell protein background
  • Very efficient pulldown, no protein in flow through
  • High affinity to bind even proteins expressed at low levels
  • Short incubation (30-60 min)
  • Recombinantly expressed and validated

Nano-Traps can be applied in:

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immunoprecipitation (IP) comparison of Chromotek's Nano-Trap and conventional antibody

Immunoprecipitation (IP) of a protein of interest (POI) by Nano-Traps (left) compared with conventional antibodies coupled to Protein A/G beads (right) analyzed by SDS-PAGE. When using Nano-Traps. the amount of immunoprecipitated POI is significantly higher and the background is reduced, in contrast to an IP conducted with a conventional antibody. Nano-Traps provide pure fractions of immunoprecipitated POI without contamination of heavy & light antibody chains. M: Marker, B: Bound.

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