Matched Antibody Pairs

Expert validated, matched antibody pairs. Available on custom request.

Proteintech is a global life-science reagent company, best known for our in-house made, top quality antibodies.

Finding antibody pairs takes time and is often unsuccessful. We now offer a range of expert-validated matched antibody pairs validated in ELISA.

  • Protein standards
  • Custom formulation including carrier-free
  • Custom detection methods
  • Multiple clones and pairs (target dependent)

Available on custom request only. Let us find the best solution for you. 

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Proteintech’s matched antibody pairs

Human Adiponectin

Human GRP

Human M-CSF

Human a-Synuclein / SCNA

Human Haptoglobin

Human Mammaglobin A

Human ABCD1

Human HDAC1

Human MCAM

Human ACE2

Human HE4

Human MCP-1/CCL2

Human ADAM12

Human HER2

Human MHC classⅠ/ HLA-A

Human Albumin

Human HGF

Human MMP-9



Human Myoglobin

Human ATG7

Human HO-1/HMOX1

Human ORM1

Human B7-H3/CD276

Human HSP70

Human P21

Human Beta-NGF

Human HSP90

Human P53

Human C10orf54

Human IDH1


Human Caspase-1

Human IDO1

Human PCSK9

Human CD16

Human IFN-alpha 2A

Human PD-L1

Human CD163

Human IFN-beta

Human PD1

Human CD38

Human IFN-gamma

Human PGA5

Human CD3E

Human IFNA1

Human PGⅡ

Human CD86

Human IL-1 alpha

Human PIP5K1A


Human IL-11

Human PLA2G1B

Human CHGA

Human IL-12 p70

Human RBP4

Human CNPY2

Human IL-13

Human S100B

Human CYB5R3

Human IL-1R2

Human SDC1

Human CYCS

Human IL-28A

Human SerpinA1

Human Cystatin C

Human IL-28B


Human DPP4

Human IL-29

Human SFRP1

Human EGF

Human IL-4

Human SMN

Human EGFR

Human IL-6R alpha

Human SNAP25

Human ENO2

Human IL-8

Human ST2/IL1RL1

Human F12

Human IL10

Human tPA

Human FABP2

Human IL17A

Human TF

Human Fetuin-A

Human IL17F

Human TPO


Human IL23

Human TK1

Human FLT3 Ligand

Human IL27

Human TNF-alpha

Human FN1

Human IL3


Human GDF-15

Human IL6

Human TNFSF15

Human GFAP

Human IL8

Human UCHL1

Human GMFB

Human JNK

Human Uteroglobin

Human GMFG

Human LDH-B

Human VEGF

Human GOLM1

Human LIF


Human Growth hormone / HGH



Mouse ICAM-1

Rat IFN-gamma

Mouse IFN-gamma

Rat IL-1 beta

Mouse IL-1 alpha

Rat IL-10

Mouse IL-10

Rat IL-2

Mouse IL-2

Rat Insulin

Mouse IL-22

Rat MMP-9

Mouse IL-6

Rat TNF-alpha

Mouse Insulin


Mouse MCP-1


Mouse/Rat FGF-21


Mouse/Rat Osteopontin/OPN