Matched Antibody Pairs

Matched antibody pairs are used in a wide variety of immunoassays to detect a protein of interest. The use of two antibodies against the same antigen enhances the sensitivity and selectivity of that assay. Antibody pairs consist of a capture antibody and a detection antibody specific for different epitopes on the same protein antigen.

Our matched antibody pairs are validated using in Proteintech's proprietary in-house multiplex bead array technology and sandwich ELISA platforms. We use rabbit recombinant and mouse monoclonal antibodies in our matched antibody pairs for unrivaled reproducibility and future security of supply.

  • Matched antibody pairs created using Proteintech’s in-house proprietary rabbit recombinant and mouse monoclonal technology.
  • Ready for a wide variety of multiplex platforms.
  • Multiple clones available for different pairing combinations to one target.
  • PBS only formulation, ready for custom conjugation.
  • Recombinant antibody production enables unrivalled batch-to-batch consistency, easy scale-up, and future security of supply.

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Recombinant Antibodies

Genetically defined monoclonals, recombinantly produced. Unrivalled reproducibility. Good for long-term, high-level projects. ​

Proteintech recombinant antibodies are raised in rabbit. Learn more about our recombinant antibody production process.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Recognize a single epitope on the protein of interest. Low background, highly specific. Good for mid-high abundant targets.

Proteintech monoclonal antibodies are raised in mouse.