Proteintech Group to Acquire Manufacturer of Human Cell-Expressed Proteins, HumanZyme

Humankine product line added to Proteintech catalog.

Rosemont, IL—Proteintech Group, the benchmark in antibodies, today announces an agreement to purchase HumanZyme. HumanZyme is a leading manufacturer of recombinant human proteins. Their proprietary human cell-expression system generates authentic human proteins that have greater biological activity and stability than competitors’ systems. With this acquisition, Proteintech Group further solidifies its position as a leading manufacturer of antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits.

“Proteins are the past, present, and future of biology and medicine. And the future is using real human proteins to answer lingering questions about who we are and deliver therapies that can bring hope to patients suffering a myriad of diseases. With the acquisition of Humanzyme, we now have the best human proteins in the world to complement our catalog of high quality antibodies,” said Dr. Jason Li, CEO, Proteintech Group.

Dr. Mark Azam, VP of R&D and Operations of HumanZyme added “We are excited to join forces with Proteintech. Both of our teams have a relentless commitment to quality. Producing the best antibodies and proteins will lead to breakthrough results in medicine.” “Life science to date has been using proteins derived from bacteria and Chinese hamster ovary cells. There is a limit to how much we can understand humans using non-human tools,” said Li, “With authentic human proteins and specific antibodies, however, the sky is the limit.”

About Humanzyme

HumanZyme is a manufacturer of human cell-expressed proteins. It has developed the HumaXpress™ human cell expression system, which produces authentic recombinant HumanKine™ proteins with correct post-translational modifications, subunit assembly, folding, secretion, and stability to ensure the best possible results. Their proprietary HEK293 expression system produces mature, authentically human proteins with native biological function. 

About Proteintech Group

Proteintech is an antibody manufacturer selling directly to scientists and only selling its own products to maintain the highest level of quality control leading to superior reproducibility and lot consistency. With over 2/3 target coverage of proteins encoded by the human genome, Proteintech’s 12,000+ antibodies are used every day by scientists all over the world in a wide spectrum of research areas. To view tens of thousands of publications and in-house validation images in WB, IHC, IF, FC, IP, and CHIP using its antibodies and to learn more about Proteintech and their mission to deliver products directly from their bench to the researcher’s bench, please visit

For the full list of products added to the Proteintech catalog, visit our new HumanKine® human cell-expressed proteins page.

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