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Proteintech are passionate about supporting the research and career development of Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

Our ECR hub gathers all our resources in one place to help you with your journey, from events and grant opportunities to our step by step guide to navigating a PhD during a pandemic. Click on the tiles below to read more and navigate the hub.

Contact events@ptglab.com for ECR events, general enquires or to learn more about Proteintech's ECR support initiatives.


Travel Grants

Proteintech is proud to support researchers by offering travel grants every year to multiple conferences around the world. Follow the links below to see the full details of our upcoming travel grants and past winners.

AACR Travel Grant

SFN Travel Grant

FENS Travel Grant

Best Lab Manager Award Hall of Fame

The lab can be a chaotic place. Great lab managers keep the chaos at bay and make sure that science is as efficient as possible in the lab. Proteintech's Best Lab Manager Award recognizes those lab managers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Congratulations to the previous winners of the Best Lab Manager Award! All the below winners received a $1000 research grant and a lab care package.

Find out more here

2020 Winner 2019 Winner 2018 Winner 2017 Winner 2016 Winner

Otto Braeunling

Heidelberg University Germany

Julien Weber

University of Zurich Switzerland

Kelley Brodsky

University of Colorado USA

Clare McManus

University of Manchester UK

Mary Skinner 

University of Michigan, USA

Best Postdoc Mentor Award Hall of Fame

In recognition of the critically important role that mentors play in supporting and helping research, every year Proteintech offers one $1000 reward for outstanding mentorship. Congratulations to the winners below.

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2021 Winner 2020 Winner 2019 Winner 2018 Winner 2017 Winner 2016 Winner

Dr. Anna Hagenston Hertle

Heidelberg University, Germany

Dr. Tejeshwar Rao 

University of Alabama Birmingham, USA

 Dr. Isha Sharma

Northwestern University, USA

Dr. Callie Kwartler 

University of Texas Houston, USA

Dr. Janet Kumita

University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Joshua Morgan

University of Delaware, USA


From academia to...? Your diverse career options after a PhD/PostDoc - Watch now

23rd September 2021

As part of  National PostDoc Appreciation Week, Proteintech hosted a careers panel with panellist from a variety of job roles, highlighting the wide range of job roles available after a PhD. Each panellist gave a short presentation describing their current job role and career path after a PhD/PostDoc.

Upcoming Proteintech Early Career Researcher (ECR) Conferences

 Details coming soon.

Available on demand: Proteintech Early Career Researcher (ECR) Conferences

Neurodegeneration Early Career Researcher Meeting 2021 - Watch now

4th November 2021

02:53 - Keynote Dr Shane Liddelow, NYU Langone “Glia and mentors: all that matters is support”

44:46 - Dr Charlie Arber, University College London “Familial Alzheimer’s disease mutations in PSEN1 lead to premature stem cell neurogenesis"

1:05:42 - Anushka Bhargava, University of Sheffield “Identification of Arfaptin-2 as a potential therapeutic target for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) using iPSC-derived motor neurons and zebrafish as models of ALS”

1:22:10 - Dr Catia Gomes, University of Indiana “Astrocytes contribute to retinal ganglion cell neurodegeneration in a glaucoma patient-specific pluripotent stem cell model” 


Cancer Immunotherapy Early Career Researcher Meeting 2021 - Watch now

29th April 2021

Keynote Dr John Maher: 02:25 "CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors: Learning from the Clinic and Lab in Parallel"

Dr Matthias Bozza: 37:50 "Non-viral, autonomously replicating DNA Nanovectors for T-cells engineering"

Dr John Lu: 59:45 "CAR-NK Cells from Engineered Pluripotent Stem Cells; Off-The-Shelf Therapeutics for All Patients"


At Proteintech, we love celebrating your scientific success stories. Hear from early-career scientists about their first publications in and academic journeys.

Interview with Dr Chaitali Mukherjee

Dr Chaitali Mukherjee is the first author of a recent paper in Cell Metabolism: “Oligodendrocytes Provide Antioxidant Defense Function for Neurons by Secreting Ferritin Heavy Chain”, PMID 32531201.

Here, Chaitali discusses her motivations for neurodegenerative research, her work in science outreach, and how her career to date has unfolded.

Dr Chaitali Mukherjee used Proteintech’s antibody against Rab35 (11329-2-AP) for immunoblotting of extracellular vesicles.

Read the full interview here


Interview with Dr Nadav Weinstock

This July, Dr. Laura Feltri’s team at the University of Buffalo published a landmark paper in Neuron "Macrophages Expressing GALC Improve Peripheral Krabbe Disease by a Mechanism Independent of Cross-Correction"  (PMID: 32375064) detailing new insights into the pathological mechanisms of Krabbe disease. Proteintech’s Dr Rebecca Northeast, spoke to the lead author Dr Weinstock about this work and his experience as an early-career scientist.

Dr Nadav Weinstock used Proteintech antibodies against  OLIG2 (13999-1-AP).  PMP2 (12717-1-AP),  and  CD206 (18704-1-AP)  in IF and WB experiments to help carry out this research.

Read the full interview here  


Career Development Blogs:
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How to be a great lab manager - 6 tips

Being a lab manager is not an easy task and it’s about a lot more than just the science; it’s similar to managing a small business. As if that’s not daunting enough, often newly appointed lab managers get very little formal training on the management of people and lab budgets. Here are 6 tips to help you be a great lab manager and better manage your time.

7 Secrets to a successful scientific presentation

Fearful of speaking in front of others? There’s no part of your academic journey dedicated to teaching you how to present your research effectively and professionally.  The following tips can help you overcome the fear and help you become more confident in both your presentation and yourself.

How fellowships can advance your academic career

Together with Sophie Quick (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Adriana Bankston (University of California, USA*), Proteintech would like to share some thoughts and advice to anyone thinking of applying for fellowships worldwide.

To Dye or Not to Dye? Understanding the different viability dyes for flow cytometry

Dead cell exclusion in flow cytometry is crucial for reliable and accurate results. This blog will help you understand which reagents are best for your experiment, providing a comprehensive overview of the popular products available to help you find "another way to dye".

Seizing the day: How to Save Time in Your Immunoassay Experiments

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, many researchers around the world are faced with restrictions on time and resources in the lab. Learn how to save precious hours on your IP, IF, and western blotting experiments.

Intracellular Flow Cytometry Staining Protocol

Understand the different approaches to intracellular staining for flow cytometry in this "do-it-yourself" guide to fix and perm.

Top tips for a successful transition to a postdoc role

A post-doctoral research position is an excellent opportunity to fully develop the skills acquired throughout your PhD research. If you’re a prospective post-doc seeking to advance your career in academia, here are a few top tips for tackling the challenge.