Primary Antibodies

Polyclonal Antibodies

Recognize multiple epitopes on the protein of interest. Binds with very high affinity. Good for low abundant targets, rare species and mutated proteins.

Proteintech polyclonals are raised in rabbit.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Recognize a single epitope on the protein of interest. Low background, highly specific. Good for mid-high abundant targets.

Proteintech monoclonal antibodies are raised in mouse.

Recombinant Antibodies

Genetically defined monoclonals, recombinantly produced. Unrivalled reproducibility. Good for long-term, high-level projects. ​

Proteintech recombinant antibodies are raised in rabbit. Learn more about our recombinant antibody production process.


KD/KO validated antibodies

4,000 targets have been validated by KO/KD validation. This is the broadest coverage of knockdown/knockout validated antibodies in the antibody industry.

CoraLite® conjugated primary antibodies

CoraLite dyes have equivalent brightness to the Alexa Fluor® dyes. The CoraLite line of conjugated primary antibodies enables faster and simpler multiplex detection by IF and flow cytometry.

NeutraKine™ neutralizing antibodies

Made and tested against real human proteins, resulting in superior neutralizing activity and biological effects. They are ideal for pre-clinical and academic studies involving cytokines and growth factors.

Tag & Control antibodies

Highly cited tag and control antibodies. Proteintech tag and control antibodies are $189 each (150ul), including popular controls such as GAPDH, Tubulin and Actin.

Phospho antibodies

Antibodies against over 200 common PTMs, available in monoclonal, polyclonal, and recombinant formats

Top Cited Antibodies