• HEK293 expressed
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Animal-component free

HumanKine® recombinant human FGFbasic-TS protein


0.4-2.5 ng/mL in NIH3T3 cells in defined media.

Specific Activity

minimally 1.00 x 107 IU/mg

Species Reactivity




Cat no : HZ-1285


Basic fibroblast growth factor, BFGF, FGF basic, FGF basic-TS, FGF2, FGFB, FGFbasic, FGFbasic-TS, HBGF 2

Technical Specifications

GeneID 2247
Species Human
Expression HEK293
Activity(Primary) 0.4-2.5 ng/mL in NIH3T3 cells in defined media.
Activity(Secondary)0.05-0.4 ng/mL in HDFa cells
Specific Activityminimally 1.00 x 107 IU/mg
Purity >95%
Endotoxin<1 EU/µg
Accession NumberP09038
Molecular Mass 17 kDa reduced and non-reduced, monomer, non-glycosylated
Formulation 1x PBS, See Certificate of Analysis for details
Species Reactivity human,mouse,rat

Stability and Reconstitution

Stability and StorageProduct FormTemperature ConditionsStorage Time
(From Date of Receipt)
Lyophilized-20°C to -80°CUntil Expiry Date
LyophilizedRoom Temperature2 weeks
Reconstituted as per CofA-20°C to -80°C6 months
Reconstituted as per CofA4°C1 week
Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reconstitution Briefly centrifuge the vial before opening. It is recommended to reconstitute the protein to 0.2 mg/mL in sterile 1x PBS pH 7.4 containing 0.1% endotoxin-free recombinant human serum albumin (HSA).Gently swirl or tap vial to mix.


Basic Fibroblast growth factor (FGFbasic), also known as bFGF, FGF2, FGF-β or HBGF-2, belongs to the FGF family. FGFbasic is involved in a number of biological processes including embryonic development and differentiation, neuron differentiation, survival, and regeneration, and the proliferation of cells of mesodermal origin and many cells of neuroectodermal, ectodermal, and endodermal origin (PMID 3272178, 3316527). FGFbasic is critical for human embryonic stem cells to remain in an undifferentiated state during cell culture (PMID 15782187).


Basic fibroblast growth factor, BFGF, FGF basic, FGF basic-TS, FGF2, FGFB, FGFbasic, FGFbasic-TS, HBGF 2



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Samuel (Verified Customer) (05-10-2024)

Used for induced fibroblast differentiation in human iPSCs and achieved with high efficiency, very good product.

  • Applications: Cell culture
  • Cell Tissue Type: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell

Anam (Verified Customer) (05-07-2024)

it works great for me

  • Applications: Cell culture,Protein purification
  • Cell Tissue Type: nerve cells

Ryszard (Verified Customer) (08-01-2022)

I tried Your HumanKine FGFbasic-TS in my culture and my cells are very happy. It's an excellent alternative to other FGFs from other companies that have trouble delivering on time their orders.

  • Applications: Cell culture
  • Cell Tissue Type: Neural Stem Cell Cultures

Alessandro (Verified Customer) (07-27-2022)

Reliable supplement for dopaminergic neurons maturation

  • Applications: Cell culture
  • Cell Tissue Type: Dopaminergic Neurons

Ana (Verified Customer) (03-16-2022)

Works well

  • Applications: Cell culture