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Nano-Traps for immunoprecipitation of fusion proteins. Request a free sample here

The ChromoTek Nano-Trap system provides fast, reliable, and effective immunoprecipitation of fusion proteins. More than 3,000 peer-reviewed articles have already been published using ChromoTek's Nano-Traps. The Nano-Traps consists of recombinant VHHs (Nanobodies) or Fab fragments coupled to beads.

Nano-Traps provides the following advantages:

• No heavy and light antibody chains 
• Very high affinity (KD=1 pM  for GFP-Trap) 
• Effective, complete pulldown of fusion proteins.
• Allows for stringent washing
• Low background

Available Nano-Trap targets:

• mNeonGreen
• TurboGFP
• mCherry
• Myc-tag
• V5-tag
• Spot-tag®
• Halo-tag
• Ubiquitin
• HA-tag

Nano-Traps are available with up to 3 different beads:

• Agarose for very low background and high binding capacity IP
• Magnetic Agarose for magnetic separation and high binding capacity IP
• Magnetic Particles M-270  for IP of very large proteins/complexes


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