Dysregulation of the key steps in metabolism and energy production pathways is associated with several diverse diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and diseases associated with errors in the storage of lipids and carbohydrates. Find out more about how we can help with metabolism studies and to better understand the relationship between glucose, energy, mitochondrial dysfunction, and disease.



Species Available
Adiponectin Human, Mouse, Rat
APOL1 Human
ACE2 Human
FABP2 Human
Fibronectin Human
Leptin Human, Mouse
Insulin Human, Mouse, Rat
MMP-1 Human
MMP-2 Human
MPO Human
Progranulin Human
Prolactin Human
RBP4 Human
TPO Human, Mouse
TIMP1 Human, Mouse, Rat
TIMP2 Human
TIMP4 Human

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