Intracellular Nanobodies for live-cell analysis in real-time

Chromobodies are fluorescent nanoprobes for real-time and live-cell imaging of intracellular endogenous proteins. A Chromobody is a small intracellular functional antibody. It consists of a VHH / Nanobody that is genetically fused to a fluorescent protein.

Unlike conventional antibodies, Chromobodies visualize endogenous cellular structures and processes in live cells and real-time. Chromobody probes label non-invasively their targets without interfering with target function. This makes them perfect nanoprobes for cellular research and high content analysis.

Chromobodies are supplied as DNA plasmids. Upon transfection, they allow for dynamic live-cell analysis of endogenous proteins:

  • Fast no-wash assay
  • No overexpression of the protein of interest
  • No cytotoxicity and artificial effects


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