Part of Proteintech Group's early vision was to make all its own products, to the highest standards possible, thus assuming ultimate responsibility for their quality. In addition to its founders' refusal to source a single antibody from any other provider, they also refused to supply any other provider. This approach would offer researchers many advantages, including a way of avoiding the same antibodies sold under different brand names by different companies – an unregulated practice that still continues within the industry.

Ultimately, the 'Original Manufacturer' approach laid out by Proteintech's founders would contribute to an increasing sense of accountability in the antibody industry.


One of its original founders and current
CEO Dr. Jason Li says of the reasons behind Proteintech's establishment:

"At the heart of our aspiration was a company for scientists by scientists; an antibody provider that would offer researchers the advantage — not investors."

Proteintech Milestones

  • 2002

    Proteintech is founded

  • August 2003

    First publication with a pre-made antibody (Recoverin antibody – 10073-1-AP, Kicic et al. Journal of Neuroscience)

  • 2004

    Chinese office opens in Wuhan and 100th antibody is manufactured

  • April 2006

    First monoclonal antibody goes on sale

  • 2007

    European office opens in Manchester and a Proteintech product features in a publication for the 50th time (Wang et al, Cell)

  • 2008

    Proteintech product features in a publication for the 100th time (Zhang et al, Blood)

  • 2010

    Proteintech features in a publication for the 1000th time (Nature Cell Biology)

  • March 3 2012

    First ELISA kit goes on sale and European Office obtains ISO9001 certification

  • 2013

    New lab facilities are opened and a Proteintech product features in a publication for the 5,000th time

  • 2014

    Proteintech labs optain SPF (specific pathogen free) grade Mouse house certification. Production ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification also obtained

  • January 2015

    Launch of in-house RNAi validation department and a Proteintech product features in a publication for the 10,000th time

  • Present

    Proteintech's growing catalog of 12,000 antibodies against 12,000 targets is now available in 39 countries across 5 continents, either through direct sales or through a network of approved distributors. Proteintech's products have been cited in over 10,000 publications.

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