Why GFP-Trap gives the best immunoprecipitation results

Why GFP-Trap gives the best immunoprecipitation (IP) results


Affinity beads for immunoprecipitation (IP)

GFP-Trap is part of our Nano-Traps product line. They are ideal for fast and efficient immunoprecipitations (IP). Nano-Traps consist of VHHs, also termed Nanobodies, coupled to beads.  

The immunoprecipitation (IP) validation of GFP with ChromoTek's GFP-Trap Agarose beads

Immunoprecipitation of GFP with GFP-Trap Agarose beads. I: Input, FT: Flow-Through, B: Bound

Nano-Traps for IP:

  • No heavy & light antibody chains
  • Stringent washing conditions
  • Low host cell protein background
  • Very efficient pulldown, no protein in flow through (FT)
  • High affinity to bind even proteins expressed at low levels
  • Short incubation (30-60 min)
  • Recombinantly expressed and validated


  • Immunoprecipitation/ Co-IP
  • Mass spectrometry
  • On-bead enzyme assays
  • ChIP, RIP analysis
Product Formats (Product citations in parentheses)
GFP-Trap® Agarose (3,124), Magnetic Agarose (891), Magnetic Particle M-270 (24), Multiwell Plate (14)
Agarose (13)
Agarose (5)
MK2-Trap Agarose
mNeonGreen-Trap Agarose (6), Magnetic Agarose (10)
Myc-Trap® Agarose (98), Magnetic Agarose (50)
p53-N-term-Trap Agarose (5)
p53-C-term-Trap Agarose (1)
PARP1-Trap Agarose (5)
RFP-Trap® Agarose (214), Magnetic Agarose (72), Magnetic Particle M-270
SNAP/CLIP-tag®-Trap Agarose (1)
Spot-Trap® Agarose (1), Magnetic Agarose, Magnetic Particle M-270
TurboGFP-Trap Agarose (2), Magnetic Agarose
V5-Trap™ Agarose, Magnetic Agarose, Magnetic Particles M-270

Kits including lysis, wash, and elution buffers are available for all Nano-Trap products