ChromoTek Actin-Chromobody® plasmid (TagGFP2)

DNA plasmid encoding for anti-Actin VHH (anti-Actin Nanobody) fused to TagGFP2.

Vector type

Mammalian expression vector


Constitutive CMV IE





Cat no : acg


Actin Chromobody, Chromobody

Product Information

DNA plasmid encoding for anti-Actin VHH (anti-Actin Nanobody) fused to TagGFP2.

ApplicationsLive cell imaging
SpecificityActin microfilaments in human, rodent and plant cells, zebrafish, Toxoplasma gondii
Vector typeMammalian expression vector
PromoterConstitutive CMV IE
Codon usageMammalian
Encoded Nanobody/ VHHMonoclonal anti-Actin single domain antibody (sdAb) fragment
SequenceWith the Actin-Chromobody plasmid you obtain the sequence of the Alpaca antibody to Actin fused to TagRFP or TagGFP2, as well as the full vector sequence.
Microscopy techniquesWide-field epifluorescence microscopy; confocal microscopy; super-resolution microscopy e.g. STED
TransfectionTransfection of Chromobody plasmids into mammalian cells can be done with standard DNA-transfection methods, e.g. lipofection (Lipofectamine 2000® from Thermo Scientific), according to the manufacturer’s protocol for the transfection reagent. Please choose the transfection method that works the best for your cell type.
Storage ConditionShipped at ambient temperature. Store at -20 °C



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