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2018 Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 AACR travel grant:

  • Ramya Ravindran, University of Michigan
  • Samaresh Sau, Wayne State University

Both our winners have been awarded $1000 each to attend the AACR annual meeting this April in Chicago.

Find out more about the winners below!

Ramya Ravindran
University of Michigan, US

Research Background

Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a fatal pediatric brainstem tumor with 100% fatality. These tumors are often treated on the assumption that they are molecularly similar to adult high-grade gliomas; however, they are distinct. Ramya and her colleagues have generated a genetically engineered mouse model of DIPG which represents a novel platform to study the molecular pathways underlying disease pathogenesis. An understanding of the functions of mutations that lead up to the disease can help to develop novel therapies for DIPG

Ravindran will be presenting her research in the 8am – 12pm poster session on April 18.

"I'm excited to be presenting at the AACR 2018 Conference and I'm thankful to Proteintech for their support in making this possible.” 
Samaresh Sau
Wayne State University, US

Research Background

Programmed death ligand -1 (PD-L1) checkpoint inhibitors such as atezolizumab have been revolutionizing cancer treatment. However, the potential of these drugs has not been fully realized. To improve the stromal penetration of checkpoint inhibitors to tumors, Sau and colleagues have chemically linked a chemotherapeutic agent to atezolizumab for immune-chemo combination therapy. Their current data suggest that this approach may significantly improve the potency of checkpoint inhibitors for multiple cancer types.

Sau will be presenting this work in the 8am – 12pm poster session on April 17.

“I am delighted to network and develop cancer-killing smart drugs.” 

Thank you to all who entered the competition. Check back for more competitions and travel grants on our company news section and social media pages.

About the award

Proteintech is offering 2 x $1000 travel grants to attend the 2018 AACR annual meeting this April in Chicago. The travel grant is open to PhD students, lab managers and post-docs based at universities or research institutions in the US and Europe. The $1000 grant may be used for the cost of registration, accommodation and travel to Chicago. 

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22 March, 2018


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