Stem Cells

Normal adult stem cells have the ability to immortalize themselves via self-renewal and to generate mature cells of appropriate tissue through differentiation. Stem cells possess the ability to differentiate into multiple cell types. The properties of stem cells can be applied in disease mechanism investigations, helping with the identification of potential drug targets or for use in cell transplantation. Discover how we can help you with your stem cells research with related antibodies and resources.

For ISSCR 2022, from June 14th-21st, we're offering a selection of stem cell related samples to support your stem cell research. 
Browse your sample below and view validation data on each product via the links below. 

We're also currently offering a HumanKine Human Cell-Expressed cytokines and growth factors free sample! To request yours, follow here.

*All samples are 20ul

Product Name and Catalog Number

Sox2 Monoclonal antibody-66411-1-Ig 

PAX6 Polyclonal antibody-12323-1-AP

Nestin Monoclonal antibody-66259-1-Ig

Sox9 Monoclonal antibody-67439-1-Ig

Nanog Polyclonal antibody-14295-1-AP

GFAP Monoclonal antibody-60190-1-Ig

Sox17 Polyclonal antibody-24903-1-AP

Foxa2 Polyclonal antibody-22474-1-AP

PDX1Polyclonal antibody-20989-1-AP

NCAM Monoclonal antibody-60238-1-Ig

TWIST1-Polyclonal antibody-25465-1-AP

TWIST2-Monoclonal antibody-66544-1-Ig




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