• HEK293 expressed
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Animal-component free

HumanKine® recombinant human IL-10 protein


0.18-2.0 ng/mL

Specific Activity

minimally 7.00 x 106 IU/mg

Species Reactivity




Cat no : HZ-1145


CSIF, IL 10, IL10, IL10A, interleukin 10, TGIF

Technical Specifications

GeneID 3586
Species Human
Expression HEK293
Activity(Primary) 0.18-2.0 ng/mL
Specific Activityminimally 7.00 x 106 IU/mg
Purity >95%
Endotoxin<1 EU/μg
Accession NumberP22301
Molecular Mass 19 kDa reduced, 17 kDa non-reduced, non-disulfide bonded homodimer, glycosylated
Formulation 10mM Tris-HCl pH 7.4 + 150mM NaCl, See Certificate of Analysis for details
Species Reactivity human,mouse,pig

Stability and Reconstitution

Stability and StorageProduct FormTemperature ConditionsStorage Time
(From Date of Receipt)
Lyophilized-20°C to -80°CUntil Expiry Date
LyophilizedRoom Temperature2 weeks
Reconstituted as per CofA-20°C to -80°C6 months
Reconstituted as per CofA4°C1 week
Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reconstitution Briefly centrifuge the vial before opening. It is recommended to reconstitute the protein to 0.2 mg/mL in sterile 1xPBS pH 7.4 containing 0.1% endotoxin-free recombinant human serum albumin (HSA). Gently swirl or tap vial to mix.


IL-10 is a non-covalent homodimeric glycoprotein with an apparent molecular mass of 17 kDa. IL-10 is produced by a variety of mammalian cell types including T cells, B cells, macrophages, and keratinocytes monocytes. It is an anti-inflammatory cytokine with multiple roles in inflammation and immunoregulation (PMID: 19161426; 9162098).


CSIF, IL 10, IL10, IL10A, interleukin 10, TGIF



Stem Cell Res Ther

hPMSCs inhibit the expression of PD-1 in CD4+IL-10+ T cells and mitigate liver damage in a GVHD mouse model by regulating the crosstalk between Nrf2 and NF-κB signaling pathway.

Authors - Aiping Zhang

Cancer Immunol Immunother

Clinicopathological significance of peritumoral alveolar macrophages in patients with resected early-stage lung squamous cell carcinoma

Authors - Yu Tanaka

Curr Issues Mol Biol

Transcriptomic Establishment of Pig Macrophage Polarization Signatures

Authors - Jing Li

Cancer Cell

Clearance of senescent macrophages ameliorates tumorigenesis in KRAS-driven lung cancer

Authors - Scott Haston

Cancer Lett

Hypoxia-induced TREM1 promotes mesenchymal-like states of glioma stem cells via alternatively activating tumor-associated macrophages

Authors - Minhai Dong


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Farhat (Verified Customer) (03-08-2024)

We are using this cytokine to culture primary monocytes in vitro. The Humankine range of cytokines are amongst the best for cell culture of primary cells and we have always used them.

  • Applications: Cell culture
  • Cell Tissue Type: Monocytes