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Proteintech named as 'Rising star' with the largest increase in immunology citations in the industry

Citeab today announced the winners of  the 2019 CiteAb awards.

Proteintech was recognised as   the antibody supplier with the largest increase in citations in immunology over the last three years.

The award was made based on CiteAb data gathered over the last three years (2015 - 2017), highlighting the company which has seen the largest increase in its share over this time.

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"The human immune system contains a collection of different cell types and molecules that help to protect the body from toxins, viral infections, bacteria, and parasites. Immunology covers all aspects of this complex network, but the field is united by the immune cell network. The central points of immunology are understanding, identifying, and distinguishing the many different immune cells.

The fundamental work by scientists in this field has nurtured the development of human stem cell technology and CAR-T cell therapy. To further unlock the potential and understand the immune system, the scientific community needs appropriate cell markers to ensure and support research.

We are happy that Proteintech antibodies are able to help scientists make great discoveries. Such an increase in PubMed citations with Proteintech antibodies in immunology is a great achievement for us."

- Dr Karolina Szczesna, Senior Product Manager and Technical Support.

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Year Award
2016 - 2017 'Most exciting antibody validation initiative'
2017 - 2018 'Antibody supplier to watch in 2018'

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