"Most exciting antibody validation initiative 2016"

Proteintech has been awarded the prize for the 'most exciting antibody validation initiative' in the 2016 CiteAb antibody awards.

This highly competitive category recognizes the best antibody validation initiatives in the industry and was judged by F1000 Research. Proteintech has been selected for the award for their commitment to validation and for being the first company to implement siRNA knockdown validation back in 2014. This higher standard of testing protects researchers in an antibody market laden with issues surrounding the 'Reproducibility Crisis'.

Proteintech have made it their goal to lead the way in raising validation standards through validating their antibody products using RNA interference (RNAi) technology. This addition will nicely complement the wide-ranging validation data of their antibodies and should allow the scientific community to make a more informed decision about the quality of a specific antibody they may want to purchase.

Michael Markie, Associate Publisher of F1000Research and CiteAb Award judge.

 Antibody Validation 

The award-winning solution: siRNA Knockdown Validation

In 2014 Proteintech became the first company to implement  siRNA knockdown validation, one of the most trusted validation processes for antibody specificity. The validation process involves using small interfering RNA to knock down gene expression in each new antibody product — assessing whether the signal subsides with the expression of the target gene. Proteintech have made it their goal to lead the way in raising validation standards and aim to have as much of its portfolio verified by this advanced technique as soon as possible.

Read more about Proteintech's siRNA Knockdown validation initiative here.

About CiteAb 

CiteAb is the largest citation-ranked antibody search engine allowing researchers to find antibodies which have been cited in peer-reviewed publications. The annual CiteAb awards recognize and celebrate the very best suppliers and individuals in the antibody industry. 

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