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How does it work?


Advantages and benefits of Nanobodies

Immunoprecipitation of Mdm4/HdmX.

IP with MK2-Trap® Nanobodies

The ChromoTek MK2-Trap is a ready-to-use resin for immunoprecipitation of MK2 proteins. It consists of an MK2 Nanobody /VHH coupled to agarose beads.

Human, mouse, hamster
Posttranslational Modifications: MK2-Trap recognizes unphosphorylated MK2 and Phospho-MK2 (Thr222). Specificity on Phospho-MK2 (Thr334) was not tested.

IP / Co-IP
Mass spectrometry (MS)
On-bead enzyme assays