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RFP-Trap vs conventional RFP antibody diagram

IP with RFP-Trap® Nanobodies

The ChromoTek RFP-Trap® is a ready-to-use affinity resin for immunoprecipitation (IP) of red fluorescent-fusion proteins like mCherry, dsRed, mRFP, and more. RFP-Trap consists of an anti-RFP Nanobody/ VHH coupled to agarose beads, magnetic agarose beads or solid magnetic particles.

mCherry, mRFP, mRFPruby, mPlum, tagRFP, mKate2 and many more RFP derivatives, see
Fluorescent protein specificity table

IP / Co-IP
Mass spectrometry (MS)
On-bead enzyme assays
ChIP / RIP analysis