CoraLite® conjugates for immunofluorescence

The largest portfolio of fluorophore conjugated antibodies developed and validated for immunofluorescence.

CoraLite dyes are bright fluorescent dyes from Proteintech that deliver high photostability and minimal fluorescent bleed-through. Our popular monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are now available directly conjugated with fluorescent dyes: CoraLite488CoraLite555CoraLite594, and CoraLite647. They act as perfect tools for immunofluorescence studies requiring multiplex co-labelling studies without the need for secondary antibodies.

Why choose CoraLite conjugates?
  • Save time: Say goodbye to longer incubation times of multiple primary and secondary antibodies.

  • Eliminate cross-reactivity: Secondary antibodies used in immunofluorescence can exhibit cross-reactivity leading to high background.

  • No more mouse (-on-mouse) troubles!: Secondary antibodies tend to react with endogenous antibodies in some tissues. Quite common when using antibodies raised in mouse on mouse tissues.

  • Ease of multiplexing: large portfolio of antibodies conjugated to CL488, CL555, CL594 and CL647 for multiplexing experiment without worrying about secondary antibody cross reactivity or spectral overlaps.

Fig. 1. Multiplexed immunofluorescence on human pancreatic cancer tissue using CoraLite conjugated antibodies. Tissue was stained for detection of Insulin (green), CEL (yellow), and Glucagon (Magenta).

Fig. 2. Mouse heart tissue stained for detection of Desmin protein (green) using CoraLite 488 conjugated antibodies.