SignalBright Max Chemiluminescent Substrate


Mid to low femtogram

Signal duration:

Up to 24 hours


suitable for PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes

Cat no : PK10013

Product Information

SignalBright Max is a luminol-based, ultra-sensitive chemiluminescent substrate for HRP (horseradish peroxidase) which provides a much higher sensitivity over traditional ECL reagents. SignalBright Max provides much increased sensitivity over SignalBright Pro and SignalBright Plus, with mid to low femtogram detection levels in Western Blot and ELISA analysis, with long lasting signal up to 24 hours.

Key Characteristics:

· Ultra-Sensitivity: Mid to low femtogram

· Signal duration: Up to 24 hours

· Compatibility: suitable for PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes

· Comparable sensitivity to SuperSignal™ West Femto

Instructions for Use

SignalBright Max Chemiluminescent Detection Kit is prepared by combining a 1:1 ratio of Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution and  Stable Peroxide Solution to create a working solution. Allow the working solution to come to room temperature before applying to the membrane, make sure this is done in darkness. Apply a minimum of 0.1ml of the working solution per membrane cm2. Leave 5 minutes for signal to develop prior to imaging. Signal can be imaged using an X-ray film or a Chemiluminescent Imager.

· Recommended primary antibody concentration: 10-200 ng/ml

· Recommended HRP-conjugated secondary antibody concentration: 1-10 ng/ml

Product Information

PK100136mL 3mL Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution
3mL Stable Peroxide Solution
20mL10mL Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution
10mL Stable Peroxide Solution
100mL50mL Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution
50mL Stable Peroxide Solution


Store at 4ºC. Expires 1 year after purchase.

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PK10013, SignalBright Max Chemiluminescent Substrate, Proteintech, IL, USA




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