Mouse IL-10 ELISA Kit


2.5 pg/mL


15.6-1000 pg/mL



Cat no : KE10008


CSIF, Il 10, Il10, IL-10, interleukin 10, Interleukin-10

Product Information

KE10008 is a solid phase sandwich Enzyme Linked-Immuno-Sorbent Assay (Sandwich ELISA). The mouse IL10 ELISA kit is to be used to detect and quantify protein levels of endogenous mouse IL10. The assay recognizes mouse IL10. An antibody specific for mouse IL10 has been pre-coated onto the microwells. The mouse IL10 protein in samples is captured by the coated antibody after incubation. Following extensive washing, another antibody of biotinylated specific for mouse IL10 is added to detect the captured mouse IL10 protein. For signal development, Streptavidin-HRP is added, followed by Tetramethyl-benzidine (TMB) reagent. Solution containing sulfuric acid is used to stop color development and the color intensity which is proportional to the quantity of bound protein is measurable at 450 nm with the correction wavelength set at 630 nm.

Product name Mouse IL-10 ELISA Kit
Tests 1 X 96 well plate
Sample type Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernatants
Assay type Sandwich
Sensitivity 2.5 pg/mL
Range 15.6-1000 pg/mL
Reactivity Mouse
Tested applications Sandwich ELISA
Gene ID (NCBI) 16153


Sample TypeAverageRange
Mouse serum84%77%-92%
Cell culture supernatants104%83%-124%


Samplenmean ( pg/mL)SDCV%


Samplenmean ( pg/mL)SDCV%

Background Information

Interleukin-10 is an anti-inflammatory cytokine, produced by T helper (Th) cells, macrophages, monocytes, and B cells, that plays a crucial role in preventing inflammatory and autoimmune pathologies. It downregulates the expression of Th1 cytokines, MHC class IL antigens, and co-stimulatory molecules on macrophages. It also enhances B cell survival, proliferation, and antibody production. IL-10 can block NF-κB activity, and is involved in the regulation of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway. IL-10, along with its receptors, describes an important role in pathogenesis of various diseases, including infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune diseases. IL-10 mutations are associated with an increased susceptibility to HIV-1 infection and rheumatoid arthritis.


Storage Instructions All the reagents are stored at 2-8℃ for 6 months or -20℃ for 12 months. Refer to the protocol for further storage instructions.
Synonyms CSIF, Il 10, Il10, IL-10, interleukin 10, Interleukin-10


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