IHCeasy VWF Ready-To-Use IHC Kit

VWF Ready-to-use reagent kit for IHC.



Sample Type

FFPE tissue

Cat no : KHC0209


F8VWF, von Willebrand antigen II, von Willebrand factor, VWD, VWF

Product Information

KHC0209 is a ready-to-use IHC kit for staining of VWF (von Willebrand factor). The kit provides all reagents, from antigen retrieval to cover slip mounting, that require little to no diluting or handling prior to use. Simply apply the reagents to your sample slide according to the protocol and you're steps away from obtaining high-quality IHC data.

Product name IHCeasy VWF Ready-To-Use IHC Kit
Sample type FFPE tissue
Assay type Immunohistochemistry
Primary antibody type Mouse Monoclonal
Secondary antibody type Polymer-HRP-Goat anti-Mouse
Reactivity Human

Kit components

Antigen Retrieval Buffer100 mL50×
Washing Buffer100 mL ×220×
Blocking Buffer5 mLRTU
Primary Antibody5 mLRTU
Secondary Antibody5 mLRTU
Chromogen Component A0.2 mLRTU
Chromogen Component B4 mLRTU
Signal Enhancer5 mLRTU
Counter Staining Reagent5 mLRTU
Mounting Media5 mLRTU
Datasheet1 Copy
Manual1 Copy

Background Information

Von Willebrand factor (VWF) is a large multimeric glycoprotein found in blood plasma involved in hemostasis following vascular injury. Due to the multimeric nature of VWF, it can range in size from 500 to 20,000 kDa due to the differences in the number of subunits comprising the protein. Each subunit is approximately 250 kDa (PMID: 9759493). The biosynthesis of VWF in vivo is limited to endothelial cells (PMID: 4209883) and megakaryocytes (PMID: 2413071). VWF synthesized in endothelial cells is either released directly into the plasma via 27186a secretory pathway, or tubulized and stored in organelles unique to this cell type called Weibel-Palade bodies (PMID: 16459301). Whereas VWF synthesized in megakaryocytes is stored in the alpha granules of platelets (PMID: 2046403). The primary function of VWF is as an adhesive plasma glycoprotein, particularly factor VIII; an essential blood-clotting protein (PMID: 6982084). VWF is also important in platelet adhesion to wound sites by binding specifically to type I and type III collagen (PMID: 11098050), with larger VWF multimers being most effective (PMID: 24448155).


Storage Instructions All the reagents are stored at 2-8°C. The kit is stable for 6 months from the date of receipt.
Synonyms F8VWF, von Willebrand antigen II, von Willebrand factor, VWD, VWF