IHC Prep & Detect Kit for Mouse Primary Antibody

Sample type

FFPE tissue

Assay type


Secondary antibody host species


Secondary antibody species specificity


Cat no : PK10018

Product Information

The PK10018 kit is designed for developing a complete IHC workflow on FFPE samples using primary antibodies raised in mice. The kit contains all the basic reagents, starting from antigen retrieval buffer to mounting media, that would be required for IHC staining of tissue sections with mouse primary antibodies. By simply optimizing the primary antibody concentration and a few operational parameters, a complete IHC workflow can be easily established using this kit.


Part NO.            Component            Size            
HC001Antigen Retrieval Buffer (50× Tris-EDTA)100 mL
HC002Washing Buffer (30×)            120 mL
HC003Blocking Buffer            5 mL
HC000Quenching Buffer (RTU)            5 mL
HC004Primary Antibody Diluent (RTU)            100 mL
HC005MPolymer HRP-Goat anti-Mouse Secondary Antibody5 mL
HC006Chromogen Component A0.2 mL
HC007Chromogen Component B4 mL
HC008Signal Enhancer5 mL
HC009Counter Staining Reagent5 mL
HC0010Mounting Media5 mL

Size:  50-80 tests (may vary depending on tissue size).


All the reagents are stored at 2-8°C. The kit is stable for 6 months from the date of receipt.

Application Note

This kit is recommended for FFPE tissues and not for frozen sections.

This kit contains an antigen retrieval buffer based on Tris-EDTA by default, which in our experience is suitable for over 90% of targets. However, if a negative result is obtained using this buffer, we recommend trying alternative buffers listed below.

# PR30001 Sodium Citrate Antigen Retrieval Buffer 50x

# PR30014 Protease K Retrieval Buffer (A+B) (Heating is not required with this buffer)

Refer to user's manual for instructions on developing an IHC workflow using this kit.

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PK10018, IHC Prep & Detect Kit for Mouse Primary Antibody, Proteintech, IL, USA