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Caveolin-1 Polyclonal antibody

Caveolin-1 Polyclonal Antibody for IHC, IP, WB,ELISA

Host / Isotype

Rabbit / IgG


human, mouse, rat and More (2)





Cat no : 16447-1-AP


BSCL3, CAV, CAV1, Caveolin 1, Caveolin-1, CGL3, MSTP085, VIP21

Tested Applications

Positive WB detected inA549 cells, HeLa cells, NIH/3T3 cells
Positive IP detected inA549 cells
Positive IHC detected inhuman breast cancer tissue, human heart tissue, human lung cancer tissue, human liver tissue, human lung tissue
Note: suggested antigen retrieval with TE buffer pH 9.0; (*) Alternatively, antigen retrieval may be performed with citrate buffer pH 6.0

Recommended dilution

Western Blot (WB)WB : 1:500-1:2000
Immunoprecipitation (IP)IP : 0.5-4.0 ug for IP and 1:500-1:1000 for WB
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)IHC : 1:50-1:500
Sample-dependent, check data in validation data gallery

Product Information

The immunogen of 16447-1-AP is Caveolin-1 Fusion Protein expressed in E. coli.

Tested Reactivity human, mouse, rat
Cited Reactivityhuman, mouse, rat, bovine, zebrafish
Host / Isotype Rabbit / IgG
Class Polyclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen Caveolin-1 fusion protein Ag8049
Full Name caveolin 1, caveolae protein, 22kDa
Calculated molecular weight 22 kDa
Observed molecular weight 20-25 kDa
GenBank accession numberBC006432
Gene symbol CAV1
Gene ID (NCBI) 857
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Liquid
Purification Method Antigen affinity purification
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C. Stable for one year after shipment. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage.

Background Information

Caveolin-1 (CAV1), a multifunctional protein, is the main constituent molecule of caveolae and represents a scaffolding molecule for several signaling molecules including epidermal growth factor receptor (PMID: 19641024). Several studies have implicated that a reduced expression of CAV1 was found in cancers including head and neck carcinoma (PMID: 19002186). However, other studies recognize CAV1 as a tumor promoter because CAV1 is overexpressed in various kinds of cancers, especially in oral cancer (PMID: 20558341). Recent study also show that CAV1 is involved in astric Cancer (PMID: 25339030). MW of Caveolin-1 is from 20-25 kDa due to phosphorylation (PMID: 10198051).


Product Specific Protocols
WB protocol for Caveolin-1 antibody 16447-1-APDownload protocol
IHC protocol for Caveolin-1 antibody 16447-1-APDownload protocol
IP protocol for Caveolin-1 antibody 16447-1-APDownload protocol
Standard Protocols
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Cell Res

RAB31 marks and controls an ESCRT-independent exosome pathway.

Authors - Denghui Wei

Nucleic Acids Res

Nucleosomes enter cells by clathrin- and caveolin-dependent endocytosis.

Authors - Huawei Wang

Dev Cell

Vangl2 limits chaperone-mediated autophagy to balance osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells.

Authors - Yan Gong


Combination antitumor immunotherapy with VEGF and PIGF siRNA via systemic delivery of multi-functionalized nanoparticles to tumor-associated macrophages and breast cancer cells.

Authors - Yudong Song


Smart Carbon Nanotubes with Laser-Controlled Behavior in Gene Delivery and Therapy through a Non-Digestive Trafficking Pathway.

Authors - Fenfen Kong

Br J Pharmacol

An orally available hypoglycaemic peptide taken up by caveolae transcytosis displays improved hypoglycaemic effects and body weight control in db/db mice.

Authors - Weisheng Lu


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Emma (Verified Customer) (03-15-2022)

Works really well @ 1:1000 for WB in PC3 and DU145 cells. Single band seen.

  • Applications: Western Blot
  • Primary Antibody Dilution: 1:1000
  • Cell Tissue Type: Prostate