Stuart Pickering-Brown Memorial Travel Grant

Proteintech is collaborating with the Alzheimer’s Research UK to provide two travel grants up to £1000 each to early-career researchers. This grant is in memory of Professor Stuart Pickering-Brown, an eminent researcher of the genetics of frontotemporal dementia at the Univeristy of Manchester, who sadly passed away in 2021. Stuart worked closely with the Alzheimer's Research UK, taking on many roles over the years such as the Chair of the Grant Review Board and other advisory panels. He was also a good friend and collaborator with Proteintech, advising on the development of certain antibody targets that would later go on to be highly utilised tools in the neurodegeneration field.



Professor Stuart Pickering-Brown was a leading researcher in the field of neurodegeneration genetics. He was a long-standing friend of Alzheimer's Research UK and Proteintech. You can read his obituary on their website here.


Two travel grants are available to Neurodegeneration Early-Career Researchers  looking to attend a conference of their choice to network and present their work. We understand the importance conference attendance for recognition and career progression, and we would like to celebrate Stuart’s work and legacy by helping ECRs in this field.

Abstracts to be submitted by 30th of April 2023 deadline. Please also include a statement of intent, saying how you will use the funding to attend with a breakdown of costs, and why it may not be possible to use other funding sources.

Entries to be judged by an independent panel. Terms and conditions apply.


Terms and conditions

  1. An Early-Career Researcher (ECR) is defined as any academic who does not have a tenured position e.g. PhD student, PostDoc or Fellow.
  2. Only applicants from Universities and Research Institutions based in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply.
  3. This award will cover only the cost of registration, accommodation, and transport to a research conference to present research pertaining to Neurodegeneration The total value of the award is up to £1000. Any remaining balance available after these costs have been covered is not transferable and cannot be used for other expenses.
  4. By taking part in the competition, you agree to take part in any marketing and PR activities that Proteintech deem necessary. These may include the following: An interview, featuring on Proteintech blog/website, and associated press releases.
  5. The deadline for entries to be submitted is 30th April 2023. Any applications submitted after this date will not be eligible.
  6. Applicants can only submit one entry. Any further entries will not be valid
  7. Applicants must complete the application form in full.
  8. The winning applicants will receive this travel grant via reimbursement from Proteintech Group.
  9. The recipient must provide proof of their abstract acceptance at the chosen conference. Following, receipts of registration, travel and accommodation must be provided to receive reimbursement. The recipient will receive reimbursement within 7 days of proof of expense being obtained.
  10. The reimbursement can only be paid to the individual or institution that originally paid for the travel expenses, registration, and accommodation.
  11. The winners will be decided by the Proteintech scientific team, and an assisting group of scientific peers appointed by Alzheimer's Research UK.
  12. The decision on which applicants win is at the discretion of Proteintech Group and Alzheimer's Research UK. Their decision is final.
  13. This travel grant has been done with permission from the family of Professor Pickering-Brown.