Proteintech sponsors International Antibody Validation Meeting

3rd International antibody validation meeting. September 20-21.

Last week Proteintech travelled to Bath, UK for the 3rd  International antibody validation meeting hosted by Citeab and the University of Bath.

(Photo credit: Citeab)

The meeting is a chance for scientists to meet with antibody suppliers and leaders in the validation field to discuss the importance of transparency in the validation of antibodies for research.

Along with many other industry leaders from around the globe, Proteintech CEO, Dr Jason Li presented at the meeting highlighting the role of antigens in antibody validation.

Dr. Li started his talk with the definition of an antibody and an antigen. He mentioned that successful antibody production of depends on the “authentic antigen”, emphasising the importance of the whole protein antigen approach. Whole protein antigens closely resemble the native protein, epitopes are presented in all possible manners, thus yielding better antibodies. Whole protein antigens allows MHC to select the best fit epitope for an antibody production, resulting antibodies superior than peptide antigens. Some regions of the protein may be better for one application than another, so the availability of the whole protein yields antibodies that can work for multiple applications.

Proteintech’s goal has always been to provide the life science community with reliable and reproducible antibodies. Every Proteintech antibody is extensively validated by an in-house team of scientists, including the use of siRNA knockdown and knockout validation to demonstrate antibody specificity. Increasing transparency in the antibody market can help remove manufacturers that cut corners and promote high-quality products that lead to reproducible results.