New and Improved packaging

Here's why we changed it:

1. Two years ago, Proteintech added siRNA knockdown validation because we believe it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to perform the gold standard validation on all of our antibodies. Thus, we have incorporated gold accents into our packaging to emphasize the importance of these issues. Take note of these accents on the outside box as well as the envelope housing your datasheets inside.

 2. We recognize the impact that paper has on our environment and are working towards using reusable and recyclable packaging materials. The paper envelope containing your datasheets is reusable! Just tuck the corners of the envelope’s flaps into those slits for your own use. To decrease paper waste, we’ve also combined promotional materials and reduced paper size.

3. Quality control is of utmost importance to us when producing and delivering our products to you. Our shipping department takes great pride in the final quality control packaging step, so much so, that they insisted on signing off on it. You can find their signature on the gold sticker on the outside of the box confirming that quality is assured.