Incubator Podcast: Season 3

Welcome back! Season 3 of the Incubator Podcast is live.

The Incubator Podcast

The Incubator is sponsored by Proteintech Group and is hosted by Dr. Will Olds. This podcast is a monthly series of interviews with PhDs in consulting, academic teaching, and business. It is geared towards graduate students and post-docs and the goal is to help scientists explore their career options and find ways to develop themselves professionally. 

Season 3 of the Incubator Podcast is now live. The episodes can be found below. 

Want to catch up? Tune in to Season 1 and Season 2 here.

Season 3: Episode 2

This month’s guest is Dr. Liz Noblin. She is the research project manager at 23andMe, a leading genomics company. She discusses the merits of doing a postdoc before going into industry, how to learn Big Data analysis on your own, finding your “superpower”, and more!

 Season 3: Episode 1



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18 June, 2018


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