GEN: Validating Antibodies for Specificity

Article by Dr William Olds, Proteintech Scientific Officer

Validating Antibodies for Specificity
siRNA Knockdown Adds Critical Negative Control

Though an essential component of experimental design, negative controls are not implemented widely by antibody manufacturers and distributors. Neglecting this important validation step has resulted in the proliferation of nonspecific, poorly validated antibodies, thus contributing to a major problem in biomedicine: the reproducibility crisis.

The research community reportedly wastes an estimated $800 million every year on low-quality antibodies, and published research retractions over the past ten years have increased tenfold. By adopting negative controls as standard validation protocol, manufacturers, distributors, and individual labs working together can improve scientific reproducibility and accelerate the development of invaluable treatments.

This tutorial outlines a validation experiment using short interfering RNA (siRNA) knockdown, a powerful negative control method, and includes tips to optimize siRNA transfection experiments.

Read the full tutorial in GEN here...

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