Best PostDoc Mentor Award 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Morgan, the winner of the Proteintech Best Post-Doc Mentor Award 2016.

2016 Best PostDoc Mentor Award: Winner Announcement! 


After tallying over 3000 votes, Proteintech is proud to announce the winner of the “Best Mentor – Postdoc Category”: Dr. Joshua Morgan of the University of Delaware. For his exemplary mentorship, Joshua will receive a mentor care package and $1000 for use in his research.

Proteintech thanks everyone for their nominations and participation in the voting campaign. Proteintech offers several awards and travel grants throughout the year, so keep checking back for more exciting contests.  

Joshua was nominated by Jilian Melamed on behalf of the whole biomedical engineering department at the University of Delaware. You can read Jilian's nomination below.

Listen to a short interview with the winner, Dr. Joshua Morgan here

Meet the finalists

Filomena Pirozzi, Case Western Reserve University

“Filomena extensively explains experiments and protocols before we conduct them, making sure that I understand the science behind what I’m doing instead of blindly following instructions and protocols. She is often whipping out her handy stack of scrap paper to draw diagrams to thoroughly answer any questions that I have. I am constantly amazed and grateful at how much effort she spends to make my lab experience an amazing one and to coordinate seminar sessions for high school students and undergraduates from multiple different labs and departments to give us an understanding of what life in the STEMM fields is like."  - Esther Bedoyan

Carla Nasca, Rockefeller University

“Although pervasive and institutionalized beliefs continue to impede the progress female scientists have made in achieving gender equality in STEM fields, a strong mentor like Carla provides a powerful and inspirational role model. Last summer, Carla took on four interns to design a research project that required a tremendous amount of collaboration. She took the time to give each of us intense individual support and attention and facilitated a spirit of cooperation that enabled the team to obtain significant and meaningful results. Carla’s mentorship style also combats the lower confidence levels women have about their skills, preventing them from achieving the same level of success as equally qualified men.” - Anjali Ferris

Christina Delgada-Martin, University of California, San Francisco

“Christina's depth of knowledge is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for science, and it is this enthusiasm that encourages even the newest members of the lab to feel comfortable in a positive lab environment. She has a passion for adventure that is reflected not only in her scientific endeavors but in her daily life, whether she is scaling mountains or conquering mountains of data. Over the years she has mentored everyone from high school students to senior clinical fellows, and has done so with a dedication and ease normally reserved for people in much more senior positions.” - Melissa Ruck and Lauren Mayer

Pankaj Ghate, University of South Carolina, Columbia

“On the first day we performed a western blot which was very new to me at the time. Pankaj took out a few hours of his morning, stopping all his other work in order to sit down with me and explain exactly what we were going to do and what we were trying to accomplish. Pankaj sat next to me and helped guide me through every step, from running the gel to developing the X-ray film in the dark room. He even let me develop a film for my own lab journal! Working with him throughout that procedure alone has given me a lot of confidence and has helped me feel so much more comfortable in the lab.” - Guillermo Pineda

Joshua Morgan, University of Delaware

“Josh consistently bolsters the quality of work and scientific questioning, student motivation, and collaborative atmosphere among every lab in the department, and he deserves to be recognized for his contributions. Talking to Josh when grad school is downright discouraging helps to remind me that I love research, and I wouldn’t rather do anything else. His mentoring has inspired me to be a better mentor to my undergrads and to younger grad students in the department.” -Jilian Melamed

The Award

Many of the critical mentors in science go unheralded. This award recognizes senior postdoctoral fellows who help mentor and support the development of researchers. Proteintech is offering a $1000 award and a mentor care package ($100 Visa gift card, notebook, pen, and commemorative mug).  

Award eligibility

Nominees must be based in a research lab in a University or research Institution. 

Who can nominate?

Researchers are invited to nominate a postdoctoral scholar who has positively influenced their development. Researchers nominating their mentors are to submit the short nomination form including a 250-word summary explaining why they feel this mentor deserves the award.

The Voting process

July 18 - August 1

Listen to interviews with the nominators on the Proteintech podcast 'The Incubator' on why their finalist should win.

Tune into 'The Incubator' hosted by Dr. Will Olds 

July 23:

August 10: Winner Announcement

5 outstanding candidates will be selected by the Proteintech judging panel. The winner will be the candidate who receives the most public votes.

Voting will begin on July 18.

August 23: Tune into 'The Incubator' hosted by Dr. Will Olds 

Terms and conditions

1. Only nominators from Universities and Research Institutions are eligible to take part in this competition.

2. Nominees must be based in a University Institutuion or research lab in the US or Europe.

3. All Winners agree to the use of their names and likenesses in publicity without notice or any additional compensation, except where prohibited by law. By entering this contest, the winners acknowledge that Proteintech has the right to publicize and broadcast their name, voice, and likeness, the fact that they won, and all matters incidental thereto. These activities may include the following: An interview, featuring on Proteintech blog/website, and associated press releases.

4. The deadline for entries to be submitted is July 10, 2016. Any applications submitted after this date will not be eligible.

5. Nominators can only enter one nominee. Any further entries will not be eligible.Nominators must complete the application form in full.

6. The winner will be decided by a public voting process once Proteintech Group has shortlisted the entries. The shortlist of nominees will be made at Proteintech Group’s discretion.

7. The $1000 award (or local currency equivalent) will be paid to the University laboratory or Research Institution to support the research of the awardee.

8. The award will not be awarded to employees of for-profit organizations (i.e. biotech or pharmacological companies).

9. The recipients will be contacted by email on August 10, 2016 and also announced online.

10. By submitting this application, you agree to receive information from Proteintech. Your information will never be sold or used by a third party.

11. Proteintech has the right to terminate this award at any time during the process. 

12. During the voting process each participant may only vote once per day.