A Scientific Crisis That Starts in the Market, Not the Lab

Proteintech CEO, Dr. Jason Li evaluates the 'Reproducibility crisis' and it's effect on the antibody market

The Reproducibility Crisis: Why should antibody care?

Proteintech Group CEO, Dr. Jason Li, has always believed in an antibody market built on transparency and supplier accountability. The emergence of the ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ in the life science community has highlighted the need to address issues such as the re-branding of antibodies. Follow the link below to read Dr. Li’s most recent article that discusses how market forces has led to a lack of transparency and ultimately, faulty products in the antibody market.  

Article published in Scientific American, September 2016.

A Scientific Crisis That Starts in the Market, Not the Lab

Article by Dr Jason Li for  Scientific American's Guest Blog

Only 50 percent of the antibodies produced commercially for biomedical research actually do what they're supposed to... 

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