Spot-Trap or Spot-Cap?

Our Sales Rep answers one of the most frequent customer questions


Nano-Traps are a great tool for easy, clean immunoprecipitation, but certain VHHs bind so effectively that it can be difficult or impossible to do native elution without a TEV cleavage site. After receiving feedback from our customers, we understood the need for capturing proteins in applications like affinity purification and then getting them off the bead while preserving their structure and function. We launched Nano-Caps in early 2020 starting with Spot-Cap®.

So when do you want the Spot-Cap instead of the Spot-Trap®? Here’s a simple flow chart below to help:

Chart on how to decide between Spot-Trap and Spot-Cap


The Spot-Trap offers superior binding affinity and offers cleaner results in less time with an easier protocol. You can do many downstream applications on the bead to reduce yield loss, so for sensitive assays like mass spec, this is the way to go. The Spot-Cap has a high binding capacity for multiple regeneration cycles, you can gently elute at 4°C, and has a high specificity.