Product Specific Protocols

Product specific protocols direct from our lab notebook to yours.

Achieve optimal results by following our new step-by-step antibody specific protocols for a range of applications.

You can now find detailed protocols tailored to individual antibodies in the Proteintech catalog.  The protocols are individually optimized to each antibody to help you achieve the best possible results.

How to access product specific protocols

N.B If we do not suggest a product specific protocol for an application, you can use our standard protocols listed in the support section.

Step 1.   Search and select your chosen antibody using the Proteintech search bar.
Step 2.  On the product page scroll down the page and select 'Protocols'.
Step 3.  Here you will see all the product-specific protocols available for this antibody.
Step 4. You will also be able to find standard protocols in this section.








12 April, 2018



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