Career Development Podcast: The Incubator

Fret over your scientific career no longer. Proteintech is sponsoring a monthly career development podcast, The Incubator.

Dr. William Olds will be interviewing scientists who have gone into careers ranging from industry to the government, probing their minds for how to enter into non-traditional careers. The podcast will also go beyond careers and go into mental health, emotional support, empowerment, and mentorship.

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Episode 1


Our first guest is Dr. Beth Luoma, who is the director of the Helmsley program at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning. Her focus is on developing aspiring educators on their teaching skills.

Episode 2


Our second guest is Dr. Jonathan Cornett, who is a biology professor at Lee University in Tennessee. He brings much insight into how to enter into teaching at a small university.

Episode 3

Our next guest is Dr. Nick Chisholm. After getting his PhD from Harvard, he worked at a VC firm and is now at video game startup FACEIT. He has a lot of wisdom about the differences between academia and startups and how to enter into startup culture.

Episode 4

This episode is focused on biotech and features interviews with scientists representing a big company and a start-up. The first interview is with Dr. Ben Haley, who is a group leader at Genentech. The second is with Dr. Sean Landrette, who is a senior research scientist at LAM Therapeutics, a small biotech company in Connecticut.